Key to Success

We care enough to create superior value for our client, when technologies meets creativity. With us, you are in good hands!


“Content” is the fuel for high-performing campaign; “Creativity” is how we elevate your brand.

Search engine

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, which makes it a very powerful channel for B2B marketers in the global market.In May 2014, Baidu ranked 5th overall in the Alexa Internet rankings.

Social Media & Video

WeChat, Youku, Tencent
Social media & video, such as Wechat, Youku, Tencent, is a great way to share information online. Learn about the latest social media & video trends and how to use them as a powerful market tools.


Alpha DSP
The primary distinction between an ad network and a DSP is that DSPs have the technology to determine the value of an individual impression in real time (less than 100 milliseconds) based on what is known about a user’s history.

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